2 Tips to Focus in Yoga

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  Many people say that it is difficult to focus when practicing yoga, there will always be a lot of distractions.  So, how to focus in yoga?


|Yoga Requires 2 Kinds of Concentrations|


Firstly, focus on yourself. You need to listen to every smooth breath, feel the body of every stretch, as if you are a dynamic painting, but also a detached observer;

The other is to focus on the present, neither indulge in the past, nor confused in the unknown world, you just need to fully appreciate the beauty of this moment, because grasping today is the wisest choice.

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I really like a sentence-"belief is a kind of persistence." Whether you live to achieve success in the eyes of others, or to realize the value of your heart, you must be focused enough to resist temptation.


Only if you really focus in yourself, can you most naturally integrate into your surroundings without losing your personality, just like the relationship between whales and the sea.




| The Theory of Non |


Only by fully relaxing can we put aside all distractions and be focused enough.


You just do every step calmly, gracefully, and don't expect anything, or even forget yourself and yourself in yoga because you're too focused.

It is like forgetting to write in writing, hearing only thoughts flowing freely, and like forgetting to read when reading, and only seeing thrilling pictures unfolding one after another in your eyes.

In this state, the infinite potential will be maximized.

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Practice yoga, focus is actually a choice. When you make up your mind to focus, you take a big step forward. When you focus enough, you will forget yourself, and that focus is what we want to pursue.






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