4 minutes to relieve waist pain Yoga sequence, be sure to try!

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Yoga has always been a good way to relieve pain in body parts, especially in the waist. It's best to practice in the following order.

1. Baby style


-Start with the four legged bench

-Exhale, sit on your heels and fold your upper body forward with your forehead touching the ground

-Put your toes together and stretch your arms along your sides to completely relax

-In the asana, put your toes back on the mat, put your palms under your shoulders, and return to the four legged bench

2. Cat style


-Four legged bench kneeling, make sure your wrists are directly below your shoulders and your knees and hips are in a straight line

-Inhale, raise your head, lift your chest, and lengthen your back

-When exhaling, arch your back, lower your head, chin and find your chest

3. Cattle style


-Kneel on a four legged bench with your arms directly below your shoulders and a line up and down your knees and hips

-Keep your back flat, lift your chest up and roll your tailbone down

-Make sure it doesn't squeeze into the lower back and keep a natural arc

-Take a deep breath, relax your neck and look up

4. Arch bridge type


5. Top dog


-Lie on your stomach with your palms under your shoulders

-Open your fingers, bend your elbows close to your body, and relax your chin on the mat

-Inhale, activate your arms, press your palms and feet hard on the ground, and lift your chest, hips and thighs off the mat

-Lift the tailbone to relieve the pressure on the lower back, adduct the abdomen to the spine and start the core

-Look straight ahead and relax your neck

-As you push your chest forward, retract your shoulders and lower your back

-In the asana, exhale, slowly lower the body onto the mat and return to the prone state

6. Supine twist


-Start with the corpse spreading pose

-Extend your arms to your sides, making sure they are in line with your shoulders and palms down

-Bend your knees, close to your chest, exhale, and slowly lower your knees to the right of your body

-Shoulder flat cushion. If your neck feels comfortable, twist your head to the left and relax your whole body

-In the asana, exhale, start the core, retract the knees, move closer to the chest, and repeat the action on the other side

This yoga practice sequence can improve low back pain. It's super simple. You can practice at home!






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