A Yoga Mat, A Way of Life  —How to Choose a Yoga Mat that fits your practice?

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Practice on yoga mat — Living in the moment 


I have been practicing yoga 7 years. Yoga practice is part of my life. My energetic day starts when rolling out a yoga mat and practicing Surya Namaskara early in the morning. And a whole day focusing work ends by doing stretching yoga and a peaceful meditation. 

Years of practicing yoga made me healthy and self-discipline. I can take life and work easy and also learned to live in the moment. All these began when I chose a yoga mat years ago. When I chose a yoga mat, I actually chose a way of life. 

Here, I would like to recommend some popular yoga mats to different practitioners. 



How to choose a yoga mat that fits for your practice? 


Comfort, anti-slip grip, resilience, toughness and environmental protection are the specific features that I am caring about. And these features are diverse according to different materials. So for different yoga practitioners, I would like to recommend different mats. 


1. TPE yoga mat— fit for the beginners


TPE is kind of natural latex and fiber which is eco-friendly material. TPE yoga mat has the features of good rebound and anti-slip. And since it’s relatively soft and can cushion well for knees when doing kneeling poses. So it’s fit for yoga beginners who may need more protection on the joints when yoga practice. 

For yoga beginners , I recommend TPE yoga mats with 6mm or 8mm thickness, which is also a relatively cheap in the market. 

custom TPE yoga mat from Sanfan


Here is the link for downloading the TPE Yoga mat leaflets for your reference: TPE yoga mat leaflet.pdf



2. PU rubber yoga mat—a higher level yoga mat


The PU rubber yoga mat is made from natural rubber on the base which is responsive grip of the ground and the premium Pu on the surface layer is smooth, but with anti-slip, high resilience, and sweat-absorbent features. Because of the high cost, the price of pu rubber is much higher than TPE Yoga mats. 

To practitioners with more than 1year,  a pu rubber yoga mat is recommended. And 5mm or 4.5mm thickness is a good choice for 1-3 years practitioners , while for experienced yogi, they can choose 4mm or more thinner mats.

custom PU rubber yoga mat


Here is the link for downloading the PU rubber Yoga mat leaflets for your reference: PU rubber yoga mat leaflet.pdf



3Suede rubber yoga mat - fashionable yoga mat


Suede rubber mat is made of suede on the surface layer and natural rubber on the bottom. There are many different fashion designs and colors of suede rubber mats. And because of its suede material, it’s very comfortable and wear-resistant. It’s nice to have meditation on it and when practice asanas, it’s better to have some water on it which will increase its anti-slip grip. Actually the more you sweat, the better the mats grip. So suede yoga mat is a combination of a towel and yoga mat, which made practice easy anywhere. 


When traveling, the thin section of suede rubber mats with 1.2mm is a good choice to carry. 

custom suede yoga mat - Sanfan


Here is the link for downloading the microfiber suede Yoga mat leaflets for your reference: Microfiber Suede yoga mat leaflet.pdf



4. cork rubber yoga mat - a mat close to the nature


The cork yoga mats have the feature of non-slip grip, light weight and resistant to moisture. It’s kind of feeling that you touch the nature when practice yoga. As I know that no trees are cut down in the process of harvesting cork. It’s environment-friendly, 100% recyclable and renewable. 

I recommend all yoga practitioners can experience cork yoga mats. It’s not that soft as pu rubber mat, but it’s flexible and great resilient, and very nice smell. 

custom cork yoga mat--Sanfan


Here is the link for downloading the cork Yoga mat leaflets for your reference: Cork yoga mat leaflet.pdf



I hope above recommendation is helpful for you when you decide to start yoga. And enjoy the moment when you stand on the mat, your feet touches the mat. The moment that is living is you.

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