Aerial Yoga-- The Distance Between You and The Fat Burning is Only One Yoga Hammock

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I am a natural person who is a beauty control. I have no resistance to the beauty of Yoga stretching. Especially the Aerial Yoga, the beauty of flying in the sky cannot really be rejected. Most importantly, the fat burning effect of Aerial Yoga is really great, and it also has the function of improving the shape and temperament.


That's why Aerial Yoga has a good fat-burning effect, because besides basic stretching, Aerial Yoga has a lot of movements that need the assistance of upper limbs, and the state of hanging is very test the core muscles of the human body, our body will involuntarily activate deep muscle groups to ensure the balance of the body.


In addition, Yoga Hammocks wrapped around the groin and subaxillary lymphatic region can help slimming and detoxification. In these parts, it's difficult for us to do any special exercises to practice at ordinary times. After training the arms, the thighs will have obvious feelings of thinning.


The biggest benefits of Aerial Yoga are:

1.  Promote blood circulation in the body and make the facial skin better. Aerial Yoga has many inverted postures. It is especially suitable for people with insufficient blood supply to the brain, people with high work pressure at work. Aerial Yoga can make facial skin becomes smoother, let more blood flow to the face, flow to the head, and reduce the phenomenon of hair loss.

2. Stretch the spine well. Vertebral fatigue is normal for office workers. Spinal deformity, cervical spine fatigue, shoulder and back pain, lumbar disc herniation and other issues all can be improved by Aerial Yoga, because Aerial Yoga is a physical therapy, such as traction or suspension, that allows you to use your own gravity to stretch the compressed spine and improve body flexibility.


Aerial Yoga is relatively new at present.

There are two points that need attention:

1. Let go of fear, mainly don't be afraid. The asana taught by the teacher can guarantee the safety of the students. If you are really afraid, lengthen the hammock, reduce the fear, and then slowly try higher.

2. Wear sportswear and trousers as much as possible,because the ribbon will lock the the armpit, pelvis and other positions, so as to maintain the stability of the body, the weight of the whole person falls on this support point, so it is best to have clothing protection to avoid friction and discomfort.


I did the 3 simplest Aerial Yoga exercises, and every time when I finished it, I felt very refreshed. This is something that strength training can't bring to me.






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