• The Craziest Yoga Mom I've Ever Seen

    When Yoga Mom go crazyShe can do pretty much anything.When I first saw this pictures below. I was really shocked!

  • Benefits of Yoga--Make Your Back so Beautiful

    A girl who has practiced yogaHer muscles are tight and with a good figure, even take a picture from the back, it's beautiful!

  • How to practice Vrksasana and Bird King Yoga?

    The effect of Vrksasana yoga is: first, it can raise all internal organs, especially to prevent uterine drooping and activate the reproductive system. Secondly, it can also activate muscles and bones, nourish and activate blood, and promote the excretion of toxins in the body. The main points of the

  • How to break through the bottleneck of Yoga practice?

    After practicing yoga for a period of time, you will develop your own set of patterns and practice in your own comfortable way. However, when you are too comfortable, it will be difficult to improve. "Aren't you comfortable with yoga? Aren't you going to relax? to nourish the mind of the body" . Yes

  • The Difference of Yoga Posture When Doing Yoga Warm-up

    12 pictures tell you how different is the difference between posturebefores and before yoga warm-ups

  • Why is breathing so important when practicing yoga?

    Why is breathing so important when practicing yoga? Yoga believes that if our bodies are unhealthy, it is difficult to achieve higher spiritual and life experiences. So we need to adjust our bodies, our systems, and maintain good health to reduce the disturbance of disease and aging.

  • Yoga, let you in the best time, meet the best of yourself...

    Yoga, let you in the best time, meet the best of yourself... Some people say that today is the youngest day you've had left, so cherish it. Today is the best time, yoga, so you can meet the best of yourself.

  • Should we practice yoga in front of a mirror or not

    Should we practice yoga in front of a mirror or notFirst ask yourself, why do you practice yoga in a mirror?Perhaps most students will say, you can see their posture is not correct. In fact, this look, do not necessarily need external eyes.To practice yoga is to observe and become aware of your body, whether your pelvis is in alignment, etc

  • Yoga mantra for yoga beginner

    When we are learning yoga, it is very important to have a good instructor to guide and correct the asanas, because the requirements of each movement in the yoga practice are different, and the method of completing the practice is also different.

  • What's more important than choosing what you like

    On the path of yoga You don't need to pursue the ultimate asana immediately Aim for perfection You don't need to be thoughtful in your actions

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