• How to avoid pulling injuries in practicing yoga?

    How to avoid pulling injuries in practicing yoga? Yoga practice, in terms of the effect of fitness exercise, belongs to the category of mild exercise, but in the process of yoga practice, why can there be a strain problem? This has something to do with the nature of yoga fitness.The way of exercise

  • The 9 common use for yoga block

    Practicing yoga, yoga bricks are a good accessory that can help the body to stretch well and increase flexibility. Share 9 common yoga bricks to help you get into the pose better.

  • Time to practice yoga

    You hear it a lot There's no time for yoga Too tired after work Stay home with the kids Or sign up for a yoga studio But find all kinds of reasons to ask the teacher for leave.

  • Precautions for Practicing Yoga in Hyperglycemia or Diabetes

    As we all known, Yoga is a self-cultivating fitness exercise program, which not only help the body relieve pressure and regulate the body's physique, but also can help the body balance blood sugar and regulate the body's endocrine system.

  • 5 tips to break through the bottleneck of yoga practice, be sure to know!

    5 tips to break through the bottleneck of yoga practice, be sure to know! After practicing yoga for a while, you will develop your own set of patterns and practice in a comfortable way. However, when you are too comfortable, it will be difficult to progress. Yes, yoga is like this. But yoga is also a tool for our growth and transformation. When we jump out of our comfortable mode and challenge the mind and body, the change will happen.

  • Want to do yoga to lose weight? You need to know these six points.

    Many stars are yoga enthusiasts, and they also claim to keep fit by practicing yoga. Yoga has always been relaxing, relieving and releasing pressure, but can it really lose weight? What we want to tell you is that not all yoga can lose weight. Yoga is divided into many genre and asanas. If you want

  • What kind of attitude do we have about practicing yoga?

    Yoga is not acrobaticsIn the process of practicing yoga, we can just extend in each yoga pose and breathe in each pose. Yoga is not a competition, don't compare, everyone's body is different, excessive demands will hurt themselves instead. Yoga is not a hobbyCan't heat up for three minutes, can't

  • Why Practicing Yoga Can Effectively Lower Blood Sugar and Prevent Diabetes?

    Yoga is a self-cultivating fitness exercise program. Yoga can not only help the body relieve pressure and regulate the body's physique, especially for diabetic patients, yoga can help them balance blood sugar, but also regulate the body's endocrine system, which is helpful for the treatment and alleviation of diabetes, and can also help diabetic patients improve their unhealthy eating habits.

  • Aerial Yoga-- The Distance Between You and The Fat Burning is Only One Yoga Hammock

    I am a natural person who is a beauty control. I have no resistance to the beauty of Yoga stretching. Especially the Aerial Yoga, the beauty of flying in the sky cannot really be rejected. Most importantly, the fat burning effect of Aerial Yoga is really great, and it also has the function of improving the shape and temperament.

  • How to Use Yoga Strap?

    Yoga Stretch Belt can be used in many Yoga Asana, when we do balanced or stretch movements, we can use the Yoga Stretch Belt to help us. With the Yoga Stretch Belt, you seem to have a great yoga teacher, so quickly prepare one for yourself!

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