• A love letter to yoga

    A love letter to yoga

  • Yoga Accessories--Yoga Wall Rope

    Yoga Wall Rope is suitable for beginners, rigid people and injured people who need to recover, because it emphasizes the correctness of posture, and can be assisted by tools.

  • What do you think that yoga mats can guide practice

    How does it feel to start practicing yoga? Are you wondering if this is the right move and whether the posture is good? Often wriggling the body and head, always trying to adjust the action to the right position, but there is no specific standard, always in a state of suspicion and uncertainty, and

  • Two points you need to know when choosing yoga mat

    "What material of yoga mat is fit for you?" Two points you need to know when you choose a yoga mat.

  • Exposure! Experienced scams when I helped customer to purchase! This liar is definitely a veteran of foreign trade!

    This liar is definitely a veteran of foreign trade. It was impossible to arrange it so carefully without many years of experience. G, an old Portuguese client, has been working with me on yoga products, yoga accessories, sport wear, etc. for many years. I have also visited Portugal on a special trip

  • Why practice yoga make us happy and relaxed?

    Have you ever found that most Yoga people are happy? Why is that?Yoga is a good recipe to make people more satisfiedSatisfaction, Santosha in Sanskrit, is one of the practices of Niyama, the second branch of the eight-branch system of yoga. For yoga practitioners, this satisfaction is achieved throu

  • How to Take Beautiful Yoga Photos at Home

    How to take a beautiful yoga picture at home? Some people share food pictures, some people share pet pictures, so we can also share yoga pictures. Good things are worth sharing! Here is a question? How to take beautiful yoga photos at home? I'd like to share a few tips for you today.↓↓↓

  • Practice yoga, such a yoga attitude, you should have

    Practice yoga, such a yoga attitude, you should have. Yoga is not acrobatics. Don't compare, everyone's in a different body.Now, from here, please start yoga.It's natural to practice yoga and slim down.Yoga is to make your life better.

  • More about yoga

    Spring, the choice of fitness in spring is very important, yoga can be said to be the most suitable for spring fitness. But there are also a lot of precautions.

  • Yoga Fitness Safety Tips

    Yoga is a kind of initiates, divided into KOSHAS). The first layer is the body layer, the second layer is the emotional layer, the third layer is the energy layer the fourth layer is the wisdom layer, and the fifth layer is the joy layer. If you stay on the body layer and do exercises, you will have less joy and a breakthrough. Yoga should be willing to share, but also to study attentively.

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