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  • How to eliminate toxins from your body by practicing yoga

    Adhere to practice yoga, can help people reconstruct the circulation in the body, discharge the long-term backlog of toxins in the body, from the inside to the outside to take care of you, better than any skin care products and health products! Today, I would like to recommend seven detoxification poses, so that you discharge toxins, a relaxed body!

  • Is there a difference between yoga and fitness?

    The yoga and fitness can achieve the slimming effect, and beautify the line! But the difference between the two you really know?

  • Do you know that three "repair" yoga poses soothe the body and mind

    There are many ways to practice yoga asana. According to the different physical conditions, psychological conditions, and even the weather, you can arrange the most suitable practice for the present.In the vexed and impetuous days, it is not suitable to practice the high-intensity yoga, the heart is

  • If you want a thin and beautiful back,Practice these yoga

    The back is more and more likely to accumulate fat as you get older. There is a lot of fat on the back, forming what is often known as the tiger back bear waist. Did you look at yourself on the back of the tiger in the mirror and be jumped next? If it doesn't matter if you think it's hidden under your clothes,it is wrong.

  • Why do you say women who practice yoga are good?

    Yoga women have a good figure, thin is not good-looking, lines are king, yoga women have lines. Women who practice yoga have a good temper, can bear the pain in the pose, and can eat the pain in life. In yoga asana practice to understand life, trivial things disdain to anger, the collapse of the sky can also deal with calmly.

  • How can we keep taking a deep breath in practicing flow yoga?

    It's easier to take a deep breath in a still or slow pose, but what if it's a faster flow yoga? That would be harder. Many practitioners, especially beginners, get confused when they breathe fast. If you breathe in a mess, so will the movement. So how do you keep taking a deep breath in this case?

  • Do you know which people are not suitable for practicing yoga? After reading it, I know that it is not right to practice!

    Yoga is a form of exercise. Many people are lovers of yoga. Regular yoga practice can make the body softer. At the same time, it can improve physical fitness and achieve self-cultivation. Some of them can choose to lose weight. Yoga, but not everyone is suitable for practicing yoga. Some people prac

  • Want to tighten the skin to delay aging, these 5 yoga moves should be practiced regularly

    We share a few five yoga poses that alleviate the symptoms of aging, and rely on it for the years!

  • Which yoga block is best to do fitness exercise?

    Yoga blocks are an important tool for yogis at any level. Whether you're looking to deepen your flexibility, venturing into new pose territory, or just trying to go easy on your joints and muscles, yoga blocks are key. They help extend and lengthen your alignment when your flexibility doesn't allow

  • What is air yoga? Why practice yoga in the air?

    Yoga, there must be a lot of people think that they know a lot, but yoga pose so many, how can you learn so quickly?So, a good yoga pose tells you, and the name of this group of yoga is different from the traditional yoga, called air yoga. What is Aerial Yoga? Combine traditional yoga posture with

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