• What happens when you stick to yoga?

    When your life enters such a stage, you begin to know who is a true friend, know how to be grateful for everything you have, and begin to recognize what reality is. At this time you need to calm down, let the soul rise, become a bystander in your life, you can see yourself, thus find your own rhythm, and meet the best of yourself in the future. So many people say it's time, and you naturally choose yoga.

  • What should you pay attention to practicing yoga in spring?

    1. don't practice the difficulty style beyond your limit In spring, the body has just woken up from winter, the body is still stiff, do not challenge their own limits, from a simple start, feel their own body, practice for a period of time, and then slowly practice the more difficult sequence.

  • You know all about yoga

    If you practice yoga you know that. Practice a simple style of texture, your foundation is solid; live a simple life with a high sense, you are rich. If you practice yoga you know that.The body is not limited, but your own mind is limited. Life is possible everywhere, do not try how to know.

  • How many times a week is appropriate to practice yoga?

    Many students asked, how many times a week is appropriate to practice yoga? Is more of the better?

  • Practice yoga and focus on breathing

    I often hear yoga teachers remind students to breathe. Many do breathing exercises before class "bring attention to breathing ". This is the foundation of yoga. In class, I often hear the teacher say "remember your breath ", every time I hear, in the heart said "," Yes, yes, but now I try very hard to put my shoulders under my thighs, how can I keep breathing like a mountain ?"

  • Can't practice yoga because of stiffness? What limits your imagination?

    Can't practice yoga if your body is rigid?

  • It takes a long time to discover that yoga is an enjoyment

    Yoga practice is a very comfortable enjoyment process, is a very relaxed and pleasant thing. Yoga exercises begin with breathing, not with so-called body movements. As long as you can breathe, you can practice yoga. Please in the state of physical and mental stability, let your breath with the body to move!

  • How do you feel when you practice yoga?

    Indeed, at the beginning of yoga, when you do some stretching, you will feel pain; when you do some strength asanas, it feels like a great power. In fact, practicing yoga is a kind of enjoyment, as long as you do it right.


    As a yoga practitioner, let us first understand an inner self. Few of us seem to understand the inner truth of "knowing me".I often turn black and white and tell myself: how standardized movements are, the precise direction of muscles, the principles of anatomy, these are not the knowledge of yoga,

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