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  • How to clean your yoga mat?

    It’s very important to have an own mat and keep it clean. On one hand, it can increase the practice effect, on the other hand, it can prolong the using life.

  • How to use Yoga props to improve your practice?

    Using the yoga props is a phase of yoga practice, not the target. With the improving of the body, the practice will be easy by your own strength and flexibility instead of using yoga props any more. This article helps you to know more about using props to improve the practice.

  • A Yoga Mat, A Way of Life  —How to Choose a Yoga Mat that fits your practice?

    Years of practicing yoga made me healthy and self-discipline. I can take life and work easy and also learned to live in the moment. All these began when I chose a yoga mate years ago. When I chose a yoga mat, I actually chose a way of life.

  • Playing Yoga, Like an Animal

    When practicing yoga with proper alignment and smooth breath, the poses that imitate the animals and plants are full of energy. If it's ascended to the consciousness, then the pose seems to have soul.

  • Ten General Rules for Yoga Practice

    1. The time is best early in the morning (better before 6 am). This time is called Brahma Muhurta. It is the best practice to practice. 2.The location is optional in the room. The ground is flat. It has enough space to complete the body. It is not easy to meet the things. In addition, the air flow,

  • Six Ways to Use Blocks to Advance Your Yoga Practice

    In the process of yoga practice, in addition to professional yoga teachers, there are some unknown teachers to accompany us to practice, such as yoga bricks, yoga stretches, walls and so on.

  • Benefits of Yoga Wheel

    Benefits of Yoga Wheel Yoga wheel is a new favorite accessories of modern yoga.Its circular design breaks through the sharp diamond of traditional yoga bricks and pillows, and full of modern aesthetic and fashion sense, which can be used to fully fit the human spine, help shape your body shape, mass

  • How to breathe in yoga asanas

    Is it easier to breathe as soon as the posture is relaxed, or is it easier to breathe as soon as the posture is relaxed? Some students say, teacher, because your asanas are easy to do, you can enjoy breathing.

  • Practicing Yoga and forgetting your body

    What does comfortable mean? It's comfortable when you forget about your body. If you keep remembering your body, it's not comfortable. The focus is comfort, because if the body feels uncomfortable, you cannot desire deeper joy.

  • Five Basic Knowledge of Yoga Practice that You Must Know

    Today, we would like to share with you 5 basic knowledge of yoga practice, which is very helpful for yoga beginners. Write it down in a notebook to avoid injuries in practice. 01. It's best to have an empty stomach before practice (1) Keep an empty stomach at a minimum of 1-2 hours and the stomach b

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