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  • Embody Your Yoga Practice with Chakras

    When practicing yoga, being aware of these chakras will increase your energy and healing the body. And if the pattern of the chakras is printed on the mat, it will remind you of stimulating related energy and embody your flow when practicing. Sanfan provides the cork yoga mats which have the chakras printed on.

  • How to clean your yoga mat?

    It’s very important to have an own mat and keep it clean. On one hand, it can increase the practice effect, on the other hand, it can prolong the using life.

  • How to use Yoga props to improve your practice?

    Using the yoga props is a phase of yoga practice, not the target. With the improving of the body, the practice will be easy by your own strength and flexibility instead of using yoga props any more. This article helps you to know more about using props to improve the practice.

  • A Yoga Mat, A Way of Life  —How to Choose a Yoga Mat that fits your practice?

    Years of practicing yoga made me healthy and self-discipline. I can take life and work easy and also learned to live in the moment. All these began when I chose a yoga mate years ago. When I chose a yoga mat, I actually chose a way of life.

  • Playing Yoga, Like an Animal

    When practicing yoga with proper alignment and smooth breath, the poses that imitate the animals and plants are full of energy. If it's ascended to the consciousness, then the pose seems to have soul.

  • If yoga practice right, it's a pleasure

    When stretching, feel that the stretch part has a sense of stretching, do not force yourself to go deep, keep aware of the rest of the body. How do you know if you know? You need to check your breathing, breathing whether is even and powerful, whether is smooth.

  • How to practice meditation at home? How to enter the state of meditation?

    Meditation, the most precious technique in yoga. Through simple practice, you can help people say goodbye to negative emotions and regain control of life. Our yoga asana exercises are all about meditation.

  • How do yoga practitioners live in yoga style?

    It is often said that yoga is not only a movement on the mat, but also a "yoga heart ".Standing and lying are yoga, we should cultivate and enjoy the "yoga lifestyle ".

  • The charm of yoga, only those who persist understand

    At first, you were a new yoga novice to the yoga hall for the first time, a little perturbed. You start your first lesson and you're breathing, and you feel like they are looking at you It doesn't matter. We' ve all changed from a different kind.

  • 7 habits of effective yogis, how many have you gotten?

    7 habits of effective yogis, how many have you gotten?

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