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Custom Yoga Gift Sets

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A yoga gift set for yoga beginners is the best encouragement when starting yoga. For experienced yogis, a yoga gift set is the best continuation of their practice. While for yoga studio owners or the yoga products operators, a yoga gift set is the proper and considerate products for their yoga students or customers.


Sanfan launched the yoga gift set with 4 props, including a yoga mat, a stretching strap, two yoga blocks and a yoga wheel. We support custom logopatternsdifferent colors, dimension, package and materials. There are TPE material yoga set and cork yoga set for different practitioners. 

custom Yoga gift set--sanfan

TPE material Yoga Gift Set:


The main material of the props including yoga mat, yoga wheel and two blocks is TPE which is eco-friendly. The set is proper for people who play yoga less than one year, since the mat and the blocks are relatively soft and cushioning well. The mat is anti-slip well. The yoga wheel and blocks can help to align the yoga poses and the strap can assist to stretch body and achieve advanced yoga asana. 

Below Related specification for reference and all can be customized

Color: GreenPurpleBlackPink

-TPE Yoga Mat 

Dimension: 72in x 24 in (183 cm x 61cm)
Thickness: 6.0 mm
Weight: 0.95 kg


-Yoga wheel 

Dimension: 33cm (dia.) 13cm (W)

Thickness: 16mm

Load-Bearing: 300KG


-TPE Yoga blocks

Dimension: 23cm*15cm*7.5cm (L*W*H)

Weight: 200g 


-Yoga strap 

Dimension: 1.83cm*3.8cm (L*W) 

 2.5cm* 3.8cm (L*W)

Material: 100% cotton

TPE yoga gift set-sanfan

TPE yoga gift set-sanfan

Cork Yoga Gift Set:


The advanced set is cork yoga gift set consisting with a cork yoga mat, a cork yoga wheel , two cork yoga blocks and a stretching strap. Except the strap, the main material of others is cork which is 100% nature. When practicing with this set, it’s a feeling of close to nature. 

Below Related specification for reference and all can be customized. 


-Cork Yoga Mat 

Dimension: 72 in x 24 in (183cm x 61cm)
Thickness: 4.0 mm
Weight: 2.7kg


-Yoga wheel 

Dimension: 32.5cm (dia.) 13cm (w)

Thickness: 14mm

Load-Bearing: 240KG


-Cork Yoga blocks

Dimension:22.5cm*15cm*7.5cm (L*W*H)

Weight: 750


-Yoga strap 

Dimension:1.83cm*3.8cm (L*W) 

2.5cm* 3.8cm (L*W)

Material: 100% cotton

cork yoga gift set-sanfan

For the coming 2020, a yoga gift set is a new start and the yoga life is continuous.






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