Depression is not terrible! 4 kinds of yoga pose, teach you to prevent depression

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What are the symptoms of depression?


1. Low mood: mainly manifested as significant and lasting emotional depression, depression and pessimism. The lighter is unhappy, unpleasant, and less interested. The heavy ones are unhappy, pessimistic and desperate, and they are as good as life. Depressive mood in typical patients has a morning rhythm of light rhythm changes. On the basis of low mood, patients will have a lower self-evaluation, resulting in uselessness, hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness, often accompanied by self-blame and self-blame. In severe cases, there are sinful delusions and suspected delusions. Some patients may There is an illusion.

2. Lack of interest: This type of depression is well-recognized. They become lost in interest in everything and lose their enthusiasm for life. Some people even isolate themselves from the world. One of the most obvious manifestations of symptoms is lazy, this lazy will be for no reason. So when you find yourself reaching this level, you may be getting closer to depression.

3. sleep disorders: long-term insomnia is also a common manifestation of depression, if long-term insomnia is likely to be the signal that the body gives you, should pay attention to whether it is suffering from depression.

Relieve depression yoga pose

Many people suffer from mild depression at some point in their lives. Whether it is caused by physical pain, emotional stress or mental emptiness, through yoga exercises, anyone suffering from depression Can be alleviated.

Standing flexion pose


Stand on both feet, inhale the arms and stretch over the top, palms facing each other; exhale, pull the navel to the spine, keep the straight back, bend the body forward; hold the opposite elbow with both hands, the feet are completely pressed, the ischial Point to the ceiling; relax your head and neck while relaxing your knees and head.

Lower dog pose


Prone on the yoga mat, open your palms with your shoulders wide, and stretch your legs together to raise your hips. The body is inverted V-shaped, the chest is down, and the back of the arm is in a straight line to maintain a smooth breathing.

Half moon pose


The legs are separated by about two shoulder widths, and the arms are lifted to the sides. Turn left foot to the left ninety degrees, exhale, upper body fell to the left side of the body, the left hand palm touched the ground, the right hand extended as far as possible, turned to look at the right finger tip, hold for ten seconds. After inhalation, it is transferred to the other side.

Cat style pose


With both hands and five fingers open to support the ground, the distance between the knees is on the surface of the pad, the instep is attached to the ground, and the legs are perpendicular to the air. Inhale, hips pointing to the sky. Waist, hands sink, then lift the end, eyes look at the sky, exhale, arched back, eyes look at the navel, and hold the middle of the abdomen.






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