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Four Taboos in Yoga Practice

Views:1502     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-02-29      Origin:Site

Yoga is popular nowadays. But some has a lot of wrong exercises when practicing yoga. So, what are the points for attention in practicing yoga?



Yoga should not be practiced within an hour before and after meals.

Generally speaking, do not do yoga for an hour before and after meals. Because the action of yoga requires bending and twisting of the body, do not do yoga for an hour before and after dinner. It is best to reduce the amount of yoga you eat, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.





It is not appropriate to practice yoga when the mood fluctuates greatly.

Yoga belongs to the movement of body and soul. If you are angry, anxious and nervous, the muscle is tight. It is best not to practice yoga so as not to be injured. Only practice yoga in the soft condition of the muscles to be more healthy and safe.





Pregnant women should practice yoga with caution.

Pregnant women should be careful in practicing yoga. Although there is now a so-called maternal yoga for pregnant women, but this refers to their own yoga practice for a long time. If you have never practiced yoga, it is recommended that after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and doctors assess that they are in good condition before practicing yoga.





Yoga should not be practiced when you are in poor physical condition.

Poor physical condition, serious illness early recovery, fracture early and so on are not suitable to practice yoga. Because yoga needs good physical condition in order to achieve the effect of exercise body function and muscle group. If you are in poor physical condition and your muscles, joints and ligaments do not work, you can easily get hurt when practicing yoga.









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