How many times a week is appropriate to practice yoga?

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Many students asked, how many times a week is appropriate to practice yoga? Is more of the better? 

In fact, everything is the same, just moderate. The same goes for practicing yoga.


Practice once a week, without asking, you will feel that there is no effect, every time you practice is so stiff, many poses still can’t be unlocked.

It is reasonable to practice at least 3-4 times a week, especially for beginners, the body needs a certain practice frequency to adapt to yoga practice.


If you can practice every day, of course it is the best. Arrange your work and life reasonably. It is okay to arrange 1-2 hours of yoga every day.

Always remember that sentence, time is like water in a sponge, squeezed out.


Some people have plenty of time and can practice more than 2 times a day, and some even 4 times. Soak in a yoga studio all day. There is a word called “Excessiveness is not enough, too much practice is not good, the body can’t bear it.

Too many times, body will be powerless. Even though it seems to have practiced 4 classes, the body really benefits little.

Furthermore, if the body is exhausted and forced to practice, it is easy to get it hurt.


Especially if you take strength yoga classes continuously, your body will be more uncomfortable. If you take 2 classes, one strength session and one yoga relaxation session, this is more reasonable.

Seriously, just practice it once a day.

How long does it take? 1-2 hours. For 20 minutes, it’s a warm-up or relaxation exercise before going to bed. These exercises are certainly good for the body.


However, systematic and regular practice can really benefit the body and mind. More than one hour and less than two hours are more reasonable. You can go to a yoga studio for classes, and experienced practitioners can practice on their own.

Really, it’s fine to practice with your mind once a day. Be aware of your body’s response to your practice and be diligent and non-violent with your practice !






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