How to Use Yoga Blocks

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      Yoga blocks can help beginners to stretch the pelvis, and then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground, cycle gradually to complete the self-softness, extension and other perfect action.Today we will introduce a few suitable yoga poses with yoga bricks, remember, to warm up before you can do.

1.Triangle Stretch Type

If the side waist is not soft enough, the yoga brick can be placed on the back of the right foot, keeping the legs apart from one leg,Open the right foot 90 degrees outward. The right arm is placed down on the yoga brick, the left arm is upward,Keep your hands on a straight line and look sideways at your fingers.


2. standing forward flexor stretching type

If the anterior flexor is not soft enough, the yoga brick can be placed on the front side of the body, and then slowly fold the hip down, slowly let the abdomen stick to the thigh, and then stand on tiptoe.


3. Split Leg Support Type

Put the yoga brick on the mat, the legs separate straight knees, put the left hand in the middle of the legs, the right hand on the outside of the right thigh, both hands holding the yoga brick at the same time, the abdomen power, the legs will be lifted off the ground.


This is the right way to use several yoga bricks we share and hopefully it will help you. If you would like to learn more about Yoga bricks, please contact us.







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