How to Use Yoga Strap?

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Beginners in the practice of yoga, always feel that their bones and muscles are very hard, can not open, and do a lot of action are not in place. You have tried yourself best, but still can not achieve the effect, and sometimes the heart is more eager. When doing a lot of actions, the teacher will pressure the students, but this will bring harm, so how to use Yoga Stretch Belt to achieve a good stretching effect?


Let's briefly introduce the material of Yoga Stretch Belt. The Yoga Stretch Belt is made of natural rubber. It has good elasticity and high strength, so there is a certain degree of looping when pulling. Let's see how to use the Yoga Stretch Belt correctly!


First of all,  straighten the right leg, knee fossa should contact mat, crouch the left leg, 90 degrees between the thigh and the right leg, straighten the dorsolumbar, the novice will feel that the right leg knee fossa is heavily stressed when doing this action. And if contact mat, back can not straight, then you might as well try Yoga Stretch Belt, which will let you stress evenly, feel the different tension.


Second, when we do the first action in the picture above, put our hands in the back, unconscious arms will be extended, resulting in body deformation. At this time, we need to use Yoga Stretch Belt, which has a good role in body-shaping and fixing. The picture in the middle should keep the body perpendicular, arms up, buttocks on the heels, this action seems very simple, but it will be very tired, with Yoga Stretch Belt can play a good role in fixing and preventing the arms from pulling apart. In the last picture, we will feel the strength of the thighs when we use the Yoga Stretch Belt, and long practice will make us flexibility stronger.


Yoga Stretch Belt can be used in many Yoga Asana, when we do balanced or stretch movements, we can use the Yoga Stretch Belt to help us. With the Yoga Stretch Belt, you seem to have a great yoga teacher, so quickly prepare one for yourself!







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