How to keep the energy full? Simple 5 moves, you can try!

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Yoga can help you relax, but do you know any ways to recover your energy when you are tired? Here, give 5 suggestions to do it when the energy is low to effectively improve the energy.


1. Do a yoga pose

Backward bending, such as camel, bridge and wheel, can increase energy, and so can inverted three-dimensional. If you feel listless and need to recover quickly, try a few step-by-step backward bends and inverted poses.

2. Make a schedule

Make a table, write down what you think you want to do, and then ask yourself, do those things really need to be done? Maybe not! Make sure you leave a space in your schedule to practice yoga, meditation or simply rest and do nothing.

Like simple sitting and lying down, it is very suitable for rest and meditation.


3. Choose the right herbs

To boost energy, you can also eat ginseng, which creates energy and converts stored fat into carbohydrates. Herbal medicine is a natural diet, and there are many other herbs as effective as Korean ginseng, such as macagen, beetroot, Cordyceps, etc.

4. Have some ginger

According to the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda, when the fire of digestion (Agni) is weak, you will have indigestion and feel that you have no energy. One way to make the fire of digestion flourish is to eat some ginger, chew a piece of ginger before eating, or make ginger tea.


5. Eat food with increased energy

In fact, obviously, you are what you eat! A healthy diet is an important part of yoga. Some mushrooms balance blood sugar. Sweet potatoes can boost energy because they are high in carbohydrate energy. There are beets, apples, quinoa, yogurt, lentils and so on.






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