How to use Yoga props to improve your practice?

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There are different reasons for people to start yoga. Some start because of beautiful yoga asana; some for the health; some start from meditation and some may because of a yoga book. No matter which way, he or she steps into yoga. 


For those who seldom exercise and have a stiffness body, it’s hard to practice yoga even the simple poses. For such beginners, I’d like to recommend the yoga props to help on the practice. Even for the experienced yogi, these props can also support them to deepen the asana. 


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1. Yoga Blocks


For those beginners who can’t reach the floor or need to sturdy the balance, the yoga block would support you. 


With using at the low, medium or high positions of the block,it can make you easy to extend your stretches and confident to move into those challenging poses. Besides, it can also assist your alignment, adjustments, and balance. And sitting on it for meditation will alleviate hip pain. 

yoga block to improve practice

yoga blocks to improve practice

With the block, the possibilities of your practice are endless.


Generally, there are 2 kinds of materials for the blocks. One is the TPE block which is relatively soft and can be used for sitting on or lying on. And the other is the cork one, which is hard and can be used on the balance practice and strength building. 

yoga block-sanfan

2. Yoga straps 


A yoga strap can help you to deepen and connect your practice. It can be used to stretcfurther safely and hold the pose longer. And it can be also use to adjust the posture. 

Normally the straps are made by textile with different length. Choose a proper one for your practice. 

yoga strap to improve practice

yoga strap to improve yoga practice-sanfan

3. Yoga wheels


   Yoga wheel is very helpful on opening the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors . An ideal size and width yoga wheel will support your backward bend safely, loose tight muscles and deepen the stretches. So, It’s perfect for beginners to advanced yogis to challenge advanced poses.

yoga wheel to improve practice

yoga wheel to improve practice-sanfan

Sanfan launched a yoga gift set that includes a yoga mat, two blocks, w yoga wheel and a strap, which is proper for your yoga practice. 

sanfan yoga gift set

More detail, please view the product news release: Custom Yoga Gift Sets






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