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In 2020, practice a mind-bending yoga ...

Views:566     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-02-26      Origin:Site

Yoga, which is intelligent, starts with the body and returns our messy heart to ourselves. When practicing asanas and starting to put consciousness on the body, the mind has at least recovered some. Then, starting from breathing, to make your body flexible and strong, you need to adjust your breath.


Breathing is more subtle than the body, and we find that it turns out that we have not only the body but also the breathing. At this time, we are taught to concentrate our consciousness. When we take breath to every corner of the body, awareness begins. The body is slowly awakened, and our awareness is slowly awakening.


We have found that we ourselves are rich and have great potential. We are connected to everything, connected to the entire universe, and operate in a rotating cycle.

When we try to strip the consciousness from the body, look at ourselves as a bystander, and look at the surroundings, we feel that nature is giving us selfless love. We should learn to be grateful.


In fact, more often, yoga is a way of life, a life attitude, a process of continuous adjustment, correction, return, and progress in our entire life, and continuous purification in this process until we meet the most real The perfect self allows us to escape from the endless pain and feel the peace, serenity, and comfort of freedom.






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