Let Yourself See Another Possibility--Yoga

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In the world of yoga, you can have a calm heart and a real dialogue with yourself. Although many people like yoga, they have not started practicing formally, because they are afraid that they "can't do it".

In fact, it is not impossible to do, but not to do.

If a person who likes yoga and wants to practice yoga, you can "do it" as long as you are involved in yoga practice.

What matters is the gradual practice, don't force, don't give up, just do your own limit that is the best. 


There are a lot of people who are always obsessed with the question:

My bones are very hard, can I practice yoga? 

My bones are very hard, how to do if I can’t meet the standard?   

My bones are hard ...  

Bones are supposed to be hard, aren't they?

In fact, what we call "bony stiffness" is a kind of muscle stiffness.  The body is very hard, bending down hands can only droop under the knees, this is not only the body is very hard, more factors are the problem of the blood do not pass.  The blood are unblocked, and the body will be naturally soft due to warmth. The stiffness of the body is often due to lack of exercise and the lack of fluency of blood, so it will be stiffer.


Yoga is not judo, let alone acrobatics. Everyone's physical condition is different, so there is no unified standard to say what extent it is good.

As long as you try your best to reach your limits, that's perfect, and that's your own standard.


The advantage of yoga practice is that even if the body is stiff, once you enter the practice of yoga, even if there is no 100% complete body position, in the process of hard and focused exercise, you can also stimulate the relevant parts of the body to exercise.

In other words, as long as you reach the limits of your body, it will be effective.

The charm and essence of Yoga lies in the fact that no matter how hard or soft your body is, it is very helpful for your body to keep calm and feel patient in the process of practice.


At the same time, postural practice is not the whole of yoga practice. While completing posture, yoga practice should pay attention to breathing and meditation, which are important factors leading to physical and mental health.

Yoga, as long as you come in and stick to it, you can see another possibility!







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