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Yoga fitness notes

Spring, the choice of fitness in spring is very important, yoga can be said to be the most suitable for spring fitness. But there are also a lot of precautions.

First of all, don't practice difficult poses that exceed your limits. The practice of exercise is their own body and mind, everyone's physical conditions are different, the degree of practice is not the same, some people are more flexible, some people have a strong sense of balance, some people are strong, no matter what, exercise is their own body and mind, so big can not have to compete with others, as long as they feel good Is success.

Second, do not practice in the wind, the practice of the place to hot and cold suitable. The ancients said "spring Cover autumn Jelly", spring windy, and wind evil is the main factor of spring disease external, it may lead to a variety of infectious, epidemic diseases, such as colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia and so on. Practicing yoga in windy places is not conducive to health, not only does not play the role of physical exercise, but also easy to catch a cold. Because practice yoga is easy to sweat, a sweaty body pores will open, then if the cold wind blowing, air conditioning will be straight through the body, leading to the body's tissues and organs of the sharp "cold shrinkage" phenomenon caused by a variety of discomfort.


Third, do not sweat too much, in case to release the body of the Yang Qi. When the amount of exercise is high, people will sweat. Women who are losing weight are more than allowed to sweat every time they exercise. But spring Yang Qi Rose, everything resuscitation, people and other creatures in nature, the body of the yang began to be in a state of hair, at this time if too much sweat, will damage people's vitality, the emergence of excessive fatigue symptoms. Therefore, we ordinary people in the spring exercise, should grasp a degree, is just sweating good, do not make themselves too tired. Four, the posture to flexible stretching balance mainly. Throughout the cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing to do in spring is to stretch to awaken the body. Stretching balanced yoga poses can not only achieve stretching and massage effects, but also avoid excessive exercise, excessive sweating, damage to the Yang Qi.

Do yoga in spring is the most taboo out of a lot of sweat, so to grasp the amount of exercise.






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