Obstacles in yoga practice

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Obstacles in yoga practice

Many people think that yoga practice is very difficult, always think that every master is mysterious, there must be some special method of practice.In fact, the obstacles that most affect our practice are always easy to overcome. As long as we have the right concept and keep practicing, everyone can benefit a lot.

Obstacle 1: overeating


Never overeat.The food may be delicious, nutritious and make you want to eat more, but you should control it.Food should not only be nutritious, but also well absorbed so that your digestive system can accept it.

So how much should we eat?A quarter of your stomach should be empty, allowing room for water and air to flow.Indian philosophers from the point of view of love food, advocate not mechanically eat food, do not eat while chatting, every mouthful put into your mouth, you should enjoy it, need a calm heart to enjoy your food, this is a yoga practitioner's ideal eating way.

Not too much, you'll never gain weight, stay slim, digest your food in moderation, and have a glow on your face that makes you look beautiful.

Obstacle 2: excessive practice


You may have heard that holding your breath for four times as long as inhaling can jump-start energy, so start doing it right away.Too much of anything is not good.

So, no matter how much it helps you, use it the right way.Don't fight with yourself, even in meditation, don't fight with your mind.It doesn't matter who you meditate on, it matters what happens inside you.If there is any struggle in this meditation, it is bound to fail.Don't force yourself to meditate. Meditation is a fluid process, and you won't succeed if you sit there with your eyes closed and try to fight your thoughts.






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