Playing Yoga, Like an Animal

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Many yoga poses are named after animals and plants, such as the Downward-facing dog poseCat pose, mountain pose, and tree pose etc. 

It’s said that these poses can help the animals and trees self healing, so when imitating these poses, people can get related energy of the animals and plants. 


It reminds the Five-Animal Exercises created by Chinese doctor Huatuo. It also imitates animals including tiger, deer, bear , monkey and bird. While for yoga , there are more than 20 kinds of animals are imitated. 

down-facing dog pose--sanfan yoga

Downward-facing dog pose

cat pose-sanfan yoga

 Cat Pose

cobra pose-sanfan yoga

Cobra pose

pigeon king pose- sanfan yoga

Pigeon King Pose

When practicing yoga with proper alignment and smooth breath, these poses are full of energy. If it's ascended to the consciousness, then the pose seems to have soul. For example, when doing the mountain pose, it’s like the feet rooted and grow upward with solid foundation and strong body as a mountain. Keeping regular yoga practice like this may help you self healing. 


Next time, when in a yoga class, using your imagination. 

Cat pose -- imagine you are an elegant cat. 

Cobra pose -- magine you are a snake with strength and soft body. 

Tree pose --you are a tree that rooted deeply and grow upward infinitely. Maybe you will enjoy yoga more and have a more healthy body. 


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