Practice yoga and focus on breathing

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I often hear yoga teachers remind students to breathe. Many do breathing exercises before class "bring attention to breathing ". This is the foundation of yoga. In class, I often hear the teacher say "remember your breath ", every time I hear, in the heart said "," Yes, yes, but now I try very hard to put my shoulders under my thighs, how can I keep breathing like a mountain ?"


Recently, I found that in the last meditation in yoga class, the teacher asked us to concentrate on eight deep breaths, and then choose to continue meditation or lie down and rest in a cadaver.Okay, eight breaths. It should be easy, right? I love meditation - I can focus on eight breaths.

I started breathing Purposefully, breathing deeply, breathing into the abdomen, groin, shoulders, and others. As I entered deep, conscious breathing, I came to the next step: simply observing natural breathing.


My natural breathing is very simple. Inhale, before it reaches the rest of the body, the body begins to exhale, and then I can't help exhaling, my whole body, all of a sudden, like a deflated drowning fat child, just to take a quick breath.

A breath of 5 seconds of circulation, feel almost suffocated. Not just breathing in time, my whole inner world is paralyzed by deep discomfort-serious, complete and natural rhythms protesting. My legs fidgeted and began to twist my neck and keep my spine leaning forward, while I closed my eyes and thought it was the upright spine.


This unexpected experience of yoga meditation after class tells me that I may always feel that I have "spiritual awareness ", but this time by observing my breath, I hit the south wall. Breathing, by extending, our bodies tell us honestly by breathing.


This, I believe, is part of primary yoga and meditation: to connect the inner body and connect the "I ". This is not to say that we often say awaken the inner divinity of me, just understand our breath, to feel the inner body, to feel the inner self, not to judge. What a revelation!







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