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Precautions for Practicing Yoga in Hyperglycemia or Diabetes

Views:1117     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-14      Origin:Site

As we all known, Yoga is a self-cultivating fitness exercise program, which not only help the body relieve pressure and regulate the body's physique, but also can help the body balance blood sugar and regulate the body's endocrine system.


1. Should wear relaxed and comfortable sports clothes when practicing yoga

Choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and ventilated venues as possible and the best time to practice yoga is in the morning or evening. In the morning, people's bodies are stiff, so you can start with simple postures. 


For example, it is suggested to warm up the asanas of sun salutation and cooperate with special postures so that people can be in a good mental state all day after practicing. In the evening, the body is much more flexible than in the morning, and the yoga posture will be better. At this time, the exercise can eliminate the fatigue of the day.


2. Diet should be based on light

Eating should wait 30 minutes after the exercise, in order to avoid eating too greasy and spicy, in addition, it is also not advisable to practice yoga immediately after a full meal.


3. When practicing all kinds of movements, it should be gradual and gradual in the range of comfort as much as possible.

Pay attention to the uniform and smooth breathing, do not exceed the amount of exercise that the individual can tolerate, the movement should be carried out slowly, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive muscle fatigue or strain on certain parts of the body.






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