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Six Ways to Use Blocks to Advance Your Yoga Practice

Views:1654     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-08      Origin:Site

In the process of yoga practice, in addition to professional yoga teachers, there are some unknown teachers to accompany us to practice, such as yoga bricks, yoga stretches, walls and so on. If there are some poses you can't do, then yoga bricks can help you. Today, we are going to introduce six ways to practice with yoga bricks. Let's take a look.


Downward Facing Dog



If you want to do the perfect Downward Facing Dog

 • But the spine can't stretch, the heel can't be stepped on

 • So in the early stage, you can use the wall and the yoga blocks 


Peacock Pose


 • When peacock pose does not support, the core does not have the strength

 • Notice that your feet can leave the yoga pad after your body is balanced

Scissors Pose


 • When you're practicing scissors, but you're unstable

 •  you can use walls and yoga blocks 

 • To try to get out of the wall while you're doing it


Camel Pose 


 • If you want to practice camel pose with both hands on the ground

 • You can support the yoga blocks on the back when you bend back

 • Extend your back with the stretch belt

 • Grasp the stretch belt slowly with your hands to get closer to the body


One-Legged Wheel Pose


 • If you want to practice one-legged wheel pose to scratch the back of your feet.

 • You can use yoga bricks to practice

 • You can remove the yoga blocks in turn as the exercise goes on

Scorpion Pose 


 • The first step of scorpion pose is to touch the head with feet

 • You can use yoga bricks to practice

 • You can remove the yoga blocks in turn as the exercise goes on


The correct use of yoga blocks can help you practice yoga practice better. Have you learned these methods?






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