Start Yoga, Now !

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If you’d like to play yoga, then start from the present breath and standing pose. 


The mountain pose tells us how to align our body correctly; With the slow and deep breath, it’s like you have the stable fundamental and strength just like the high mountain. 

Mountain pose - Sanfan Fitness

If you are tired and confused at present, then do the baby pose with total relax of your body and mind. Stretching your back and lean over to the vast and solid earth. Close your eyes and feel the inner peace and relax.

baby pose- sanfan yoga

If you are anxious at present, then finding a quiet place, sitting comfortably, closing eyes slowly and observing your breath with feeling of how the air flows inside your body. When mediating regularly, the moments of anxiety will be less and less. 

meditation-sanfan yoga

Practicing on the mat is sacred, so when rolling out a yoga mat, it’s like a sense of ritual, which make the time of practicing precious. using your heart to enjoy every moment of it. 

yoga mat- sanfan yoga

Sometimes, it’s difficult to start traveling right away, but for playing yoga right now, it depends on you. 

yoga mat bag- Sanfan Fitness





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