The Benefits of Practicing Yoga Asanas

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Would you skip the Sun Salutation and go directly into your favorite asanas?

If so, which can lead to inadequate warming-up and physical injury. Sun Salutation is not only a warm-up exercise, but also has many benefits....


Give your body a full warmth

Warming up can greatly reduce the chance of injury, spending 5 - 15 minutes to do Sun Salutation depending on your practice.

The correct warm-up should be that sweat a little and breathe a little faster, but shouldn't be breathless or feel exhausted.

Sun Salutation includes aerobic, stretching and core strengthening, which increases blood circulation and body temperature, helps increase muscle oxygen, and activates deep muscles and tissues.


Improve the overall flexibility of the body

Sun Salutation relaxes joints and muscles, and increases the elasticity and connective tissue of muscles, thus enlarging the range of motion of joints and reducing the risk of injury and soreness after exercise.

The intervertebral disc is massaged and stimulated, which makes it easier to fold and bend back in a series of postures. Regular practice of sun salutation will improve the overall strength of the body and the flexibility of the spine.

Increase muscle strength and endurance

When the muscle gets heat, the temperature of the blood that passes through will also increase, which makes it easier for the muscle to get oxygen and improves the overall endurance of the muscle.

Practicing the sun salutation will increase body temperature and thus increase the oxidative process required for body hormone secretion (epinephrine and norepinephrine).

These hormones increase the additional availability of fatty acid oxygen to convert into energy and carbohydrates (muscles need this energy to cope with any physical labor with additional tension and load).


Improve the coordination of body breathing

In sun salutation, movements are coordinated with breathing, and each asana needs to maintain a complete breath. This helps to improve the coordination of breathing.

Prepare and concentrate on your body

Because of the complexity of exercise and breathing coordination in the sun salutation, it is necessary to remain focused. As you begin to practice the sun salutation, your attention needs to be gradually adjusted to prepare for the next posture to enter. It's easy to get hurt if you don't pay attention.

Sun salutation will increase your awareness and concentration, which is essential for an effective yoga practice and meditation.







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