The process of making the yoga mat, do you know?

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The process of making the yoga mat, do you know?

There have two ways to make a yoga mat: traditional yoga mat and Body Alignment System yoga mat.


The process of making a traditional yoga mat includes the following steps:


1.Paste preparation: According to the formula, select the raw materials and mix them into a latex mixture

2.Machine debugging and pulp brushing: Including boiler workers warming up and preheating, regional parameter setting and debugging, the relevant slurry and mesh cloth machine in place

3.swabbing:Pull the net cloth to the needle rail to tighten and level off before brushing pulp production

4.High temperature foaming:Through the needle board will have brushed the size of the net cloth traction to the temperature chamber high temperature foaming molding

5.Cooling C shaping:Product foaming molding after the gradual heat out of the temperature box, then cooling finalizing

6.Cutting: Adjust the distance of the tail rest and cut the material according to the order

The traditional yoga mat production method is simple, low cost, and can be processed with soft, comfortable, product front has a clear bubble point back flat aesthetic yoga mat.


The making process of Body Alignment System yoga mat:

This is a new high-tech manufacturing process, especially a yoga mat that is both non-slip and indicates the location

It is said that The earliest Indian who practiced yoga did not use yoga MATS. Instead, they covered the ground with a curtain and communicated with the body, mind and the universe in the simplest place. However, the modern practice of yoga has been completely different from the ancient indians, yoga mat has become an indispensable supplement in the yoga movement;Because yoga mat is made by special material, different from general mat or carpet, can rise to prevent slippery, prevent the effect that the place such as vertebra, ankle, hip bone, knee joint bumps. Another myth is that yoga MATS insulate the body from the earth's chi, which removes energy from the body during practice.


It is complex and ever-changing in the yoga sports, and these movements, often require precision, to achieve the correct body Angle, can achieve the effect of physical fitness, on the contrary, if the position error, Angle is insufficient or too, not only cannot achieve the expected effect, serious, are more likely to cause physical harm!The existing traditional yoga mat, in addition to the general function of anti-slip, shock absorber, buffer, lack of other additional functions, for the above yoga movement problems, there is no solution.In view of the deficiency of the existing technology, we hereby develop and create high-tech utility model, improve the existing shortcomings, and make this product perfect, ideal and practical.


The main purpose of the yoga mat is to provide a kind of yoga mat that can assist or guide the user to learn the correct Angle and orientation in the yoga movement, so that the user can adjust their limbs to achieve the body positivity.In order to achieve the above purposes, the design of yoga mat surface is provided with the orthographic logo, the logo is designed according to the orthographic yoga system, combined with the human body height, respectively designed three different sizes, really accurate in place, professional and exclusive!


Specific implementation mode:

Is a yoga mat include: the pad body three layer structure: the pad body surface is equipped with a logo, pad body surface to have the cross shape is a logo, "ten" word shape is arranged parallel or vertical, laser printing line, users on the pad body do yoga movements, for example, according to the shape of cross put the body on the right is a logo, users can visual or with skin tactility is a laser logo, so the user can according to is a logo to examine their body movements, further adjust or calibrate the action, in order to make yoga movements more precise, and achieve physical fitness, and to avoid mistakes caused from action sports injuries.The middle layer is made of special cotton fiber, which can absorb water and disperse water quickly, and also play the role of bacteria isolation and antibacterial.In addition, a yoga mat is further made on the surface of the pad surface prevent slippery effect is better, make the user on the pad body movement does not slip and fall accident, provide more stable and secure practice, based on the ground floor adopts the natural plant rubber, contact with the ground, greatly improve the grip of the pad body, not only that, with the contact surface of the pad body, using high-tech antiskid processing, users not only can do dry wet skid, and give the skin very soft and comfortable enjoy.







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