These 10 Features Exposed You Are a Yogi(Ⅰ)

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As we go further and further on the way to yoga, we gradually find that yoga is not limited to asana.



The word yoga originates from Sanskrit "yuj", which means unity and unity. Yoga, as a science of practice, connects and unifies the true mind and body through continuous practice.


Through continuous practice, external changes will make you have a healthy body and a better body, but external changes are not all. A true yogi will experience deeper internal changes—his / her Goals are no longer confined to physical appearances, so what are the characteristics of yogis?



10 characteristics a yogi should have



1. Heart is waterless: You often experience a happy feeling in yoga practice, which is both peaceful and peaceful. After each class, you are refreshed and feel very light and satisfied.



2. Healthy eating: I find that I do n’t like overeating, and I also refuse unhealthy snacks, fried foods, and spicy foods. You start to really focus on what food (energy) your body really needs.

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3. Simple to wear: Comfort becomes an important indicator of your wardrobe. Because you start to become more aware of nature, and even begin to want harmony with nature in your style of dress.


You like to wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe and stretch your body at any time; you don't care if this dress can stunning others, you just care that you are comfortable inside and outside.



4. Don't show off: you no longer like to show off difficult poses in front of your classmates, and you may even feel a bit silly doing this. You gradually understand that asanas are just tools to you, not goals.

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5. Full of energy: You can efficiently do many things you couldn't do before in a day. Both the mind and the body are energetic. When you work, you can maintain a high degree of concentration. When you sleep, you have no problems with insomnia, and your body and mind become more and more unified.






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