These yoga moves are ready for office workers with habitual low back pain

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I would like to recommend a few yoga styles that can effectively alleviate the symptoms of low back pain. If you practice, you can also strengthen your body and cultivate your body and mind!


Cobra is one of the most common forms of yoga. It can help the practitioner to fully expand the chest, exercise the spine and strengthen the waist strength, improve the common cervical discomfort and improve the symptoms of low back pain.

In this practice, you need to lie on the ground and put your hands on both sides of the chest; lift the body up slowly, while the hands are compacting the ground, the head is looking up or forward, the shoulders need to be away from the ears~



The locust posture in yoga is based on the posture of the locusts lying on the ground. It helps the practitioner to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and has a good stretching effect on the waist and spine.

Practice the locust style, starting from the prone position.

Breathe slowly, lift your head, chest and thighs off the ground, keep your abdomen close to the ground; at the same time, your hips sink down and extend your arms backwards in the direction of your feet, slowly lifting your chest and thighs up You can pay attention to breathing!


Cat style

The cat style is one of the yoga styles that are often mentioned for everyone. Although the movement is simple, the practice can help us fully extend the shoulders and back, improve blood circulation, and eliminate the soreness and fatigue caused by one day's work.

Sit on the yoga mat, take a deep breath, lift your hips off the back foot, open your hands on the ground, your wrists are just below your shoulders; then inhale, press your hands against the ground to support the body, the chest slowly opens downwards, you can stay three Seconds. Exhale, hold your hands slowly and bow your back, and repeat it five times.


Supine twist

Long-term practice of supine torsion can relieve sprains, soreness and other symptoms in the back and buttocks, and restore the body to a strong and powerful state.

This style requires everyone to lie flat on the yoga mat, stretch the legs together and then spread the arms, flat or slightly higher than the shoulders, pay attention to the back of the hand always attached to the ground.

Then slowly raise your legs and bend your knees, and gather your thighs toward your chest.

Exhale, lower your legs to the left until the left thigh touches the ground for 2-3 seconds. Inhale, the body returns to the knee-bound state, and the other side performs the same action.







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