Those Yoga Women Who Are Busy and Disciplined

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God is fair, everyone only has 24 hours a day. Do you live your whole life, or do you repeat one day all your life?

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I was thinking of taking a yoga class, but I had to work overtime, or I went to dinner again "accidentally", so many...

If you have stayed in a yoga studio, you will find that there are all kinds of office workers who come to practice yoga, and some are even company executives.


In their bags, they always bring spare yoga clothes, after finishing the work, they will go straight to the yoga studio. What's more, they will go back to work overtime after the practice.


They are also busy, but in order to practice yoga, they have to arrange their work in an orderly manner to get off work on time, as long as you are determined to practice.


There is also a mother who practices yoga. In order to go to the yoga class, she drives one hour every weekend to the yoga studio for class.

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The busier you are, the more you need self-discipline, and self-discipline brings freedom.

Being busy is not an excuse to become ugly and old with sloppy clothes.

Being busy is not an excuse for deteriorating health to stay up until dawn.

Being busy is not an excuse not to practice yoga



This is an era when passers-by can be turned into fans firm abs. It is an era that advocates sports and self-discipline.

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A good body and health require self-discipline to gain self-confidence, so you will find that they have their own aura, and they have a positive energy wherever they go. Do you live your whole life, or do you repeat one day all your life?






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