Those helpless behaviors in yoga class! Which one do you feel the most?

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For those who have participated in the yoga class or are learning, 80% have encountered this kind of helpless behavior.

In most cases, it may be due to the initial entry into the yoga class, not enough to be familiar with yoga etiquette.


In order to avoid the embarrassing situation of the friends who are going to go to the yoga class, this is the precaution for the yoga class.

01 late


The yoga class is a public place that needs to hold your breath and practice quietly. It is also a private occasion for meditation and getting rid of the idling emotions.

When someone is late, their busy and impetuous state will affect the energy field of other practitioners, and eventually the students, teachers, and even the late ones will not be able to quickly enter the state of meditation.

Therefore, being late is a taboo in the yoga class.

02 whispering


Although the yoga pose is softer, it requires far more stability and concentration for the practitioner's body than other sports.

When the practitioner can't calm down and experience the power that yoga brings to the body, whispering the ear and neglecting the transfer and connection of certain movements, not only affects the mood of other practitioners, but also hurts his body, like muscle strain and falls. The reverse is a common phenomenon.

03 Eating in class


In the process of lower dog type, baby type, etc., the stomach and abdominal muscles will be oppressed. Therefore, the teacher asks everyone to try not to eat for an hour before class, but the practitioners think that there is no power to supplement the food, and there is no time to eat. It is not right to bring food into the yoga class.

Shantou suggests that you can eat some fruits such as bananas and apples that contain both sugar and satiety one hour before yoga practice.

If the hunger is strong after the practice, you can eat after 0.5-1 hours, let the digestive organs rest and adjust to maximize the protection and function of organs.

04 Common yoga mat does not wear socks


Most yoga classes are common yoga mats, but if you are doing yoga exercises after work or after other intense sports, it will cause the foot fungus to adhere to the yoga mat, which is very easy to breed diseases.

05 Place sharp objects around the yoga mat

This is a point that needs special emphasis. Don't develop the habit of putting keys, wallets, etc. around the yoga mat. If you ignore the sharp objects in the high concentration of attention, the feet or hands are scratched, but it is not worth the loss.

06 Do not practice as required by the teacher


Yoga classes are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced stages. If you choose advanced courses but can't do certain actions, you can ask the teacher for help or do some basic exercises.

If you are still in the early stages, you should follow the action requirements step by step, and do not force yourself to carry out high-level exercises to avoid strain.

07 Ignore the big rest


The large rest is the final stage of yoga practice, which helps the practitioner to adjust their breathing and restore their vitality. However, many junior practitioners will skip or ignore the practice of this style and leave early, which not only affects the mood of other practitioners, but also is not conducive to the adjustment of personal status.






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