Three Signs That You're Doing Yoga Better and Better

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The seeds of wheat are sown in winter, and the next year is harvested.


Yoga, like sowing, requires a process. Yoga can not be done overnight, but it is not the end of the harvest to see the results, you are working hard every day to see changes.

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01 Confidence in your face

You start to recognize yourself from the heart, like yourself.

With a common heart, frankly accept their shortcomings and shortcomings, and never stop to polish themselves, improve themselves, strive to practice themselves.

No matter what other people say, how to look, never humble, never because of age and face and shame, not because of family and wealth and despise themselves, the heart clearly know: I am not good enough, but the future will be better.


Growing up on the road, more know how to cherish themselves, not afraid of the years, not afraid of age, confident and determined to like the way to pursue the desired life.


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02 Relax yourself

Knowing how to use practical actions to raise their emotions, more useful than any health.

Even if there are countless abilities, once the bad mood breaks out, all the hard work is wasted.

Two simple ways of dealing with people: code one, don't waste energy on small sesame; code two, everything is small sesame.



03 Self-discipline life

Practicing yoga every day, seemingly repetitive mechanical movements, in fact, inject yourself with the most lively energy.

You often say that if you don't practice for a day, you won't feel well.

Regardless of academic, professional, or personal life, those who are self-disciplined to the extreme have a life that is just like hanging on.

Persistence in yoga does not rely on external pressure, but internal motivation. In fact, it is self-discipline consciousness. Only by incorporating this consciousness into the blood can we persist.



Dear, may you always remember that trying to make yourself a better person is more important than anything. Maybe the process of shaping yourself is painful, but in the future, you will definitely be grateful for yourself now.

These 5 signs show that yoga is being incorporated into your blood.

If you haven't started yoga yet, don't worry. Yoga doesn't start late. Please believe that better scenery and better people are waiting for you.







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