Time to practice yoga

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Time to practice yoga

You hear it a lot,

There's no time for yoga,

Too tired after work,

Stay home with the kids,

Or sign up for a yoga studio,

But find all kinds of reasons to ask the teacher for leave.


But in fact,

There are 52 weeks in a year,

Do yoga 4 times a week,

Yoga 208 times per year,

Do yoga for 1 hour at a time,

208 hours of yoga a year,

That's the equivalent of only 8.64 out of 365 days in yoga,

Now?Do you still feel,

Do you have time for 1 hour yoga every day?

Why do people around you always have time for yoga?

She actually has a job, kid,

But she got into the yoga studio just in time,

Or put cushions in your home,

Self practice.


That's why they stick,

Because they really benefit from yoga,

Some people take the day off in yoga,

Some find freedom in yoga,

Some people are cured in yoga,

Some people get over their troubles in yoga.

More people get health from yoga,

Yoga is to cultivate the mind, cultivate the mind, practice.


If you really want to do yoga,

It won't take you much time,

Yoga for nothing,

Just take some time each day to please yourself!

Yoga means loving yourself,

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.





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