What do you think that yoga mats can guide practice

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How does it feel to start practicing yoga? Are you wondering if this is the right move and whether the posture is good? Often wriggling the body and head, always trying to adjust the action to the right position, but there is no specific standard, always in a state of suspicion and uncertainty, and even due to improper practice resulting in injuries.


Many people think that the effective way is to hire a senior coach to teach one-on-one, so that we can be guided wholeheartedly to practice each pose, and it doesn't even matter if you don't know the distance between your hands and 30cm. He can fix the position for us hand in hand.


Although this method is better, but the general private teaching cost is about 400yuan / class, senior 1000 yuan / class. Is there something that can guide us to practice and be more cost-effective?


There is one thing that is used by almost all yoga tutors, coaches and enthusiasts, and mentor Eyanger has advocated it-yoga mats. At this time, many friends have questions, how can a yoga mat guide us to practice asana? Something impossible! But the yoga mat I introduced below does have this strange function!--Yoga mat with Body Alignment System.


We don't need to know how wide 30cm is? Instead of wriggling our bodies frequently to keep our hands and feet parallel, we just put them on the corresponding logo, a standard, and the right yoga pose comes out, which gives us more energy to focus on breathing and body stretching. Understand the charm of yoga more deeply.


Some people may ask, everyone's height is different, it is impossible to guide the correct practice?

Yes, everyone's height is different, one size can not be suitable for everyone, the designer according to the physical characteristics of Asians, the design of the corresponding three sizes (163*61cm, 173*61cm and 183*61cm). During practice, the Body Alignment System on the mat matches our body size, and the guide pose is more accurate and easier to master. This is something that all the other yoga mats have not been able to do at the moment.







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