What happens to the body when you stop practicing yoga?

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What happens to the body when you stop practicing yoga?

We often say that yoga is about persistence

But even yoga lovers

I must have had the idea that I didn't want to practice today

Maybe because of work

It's too late to go home and deal with chores

Or the weather

In a word

Everyone is more or less

Have had inevitable inertia

Don't want to keep doing yoga

But when you stop practicing yoga

What happens to your body


Stop practicing for 3 days

Yoga is not a day without rest

Proper rest will do you good

Others say they missed a day of yoga

I feel like I don't have a bath

Such people can really get some rest

When you stop yoga for 3 days

If you practiced very hard before

This rest can actually boost your energy

Let your body heal

Give your body enough time to complete its metabolism

Stop practicing for 7 days

Not practicing for a week

Subtle changes begin to take place in your body

As physical energy passes, metabolism begins to decline

Emotions can also become empty and irritable

The body starts to feel uncomfortable about stopping

Stop practicing for 1 month

A month of yoga may not be enough

A month of yoga may not be enough

Physical fitness will decline

The whole person has become lazy

The overall level of yoga decreased significantly

Stop practicing for 3 months

If you haven't done yoga in 3 months

The good habit of yoga has almost disappeared

It can be difficult to start over

Especially when you see the physical strength is not what it used to be

Many asanas that have been done before are now impossible

You don't even want to practice

So if you really love yoga

Work by fits and starts

Even if you feel like giving up 100 times

Also want to say to oneself 101 times insist


A body that has been practicing yoga for a long time is light

The soul that practices yoga for a long time is light and peaceful

So don't forget when you're busy

Make time for yourself and yoga

Life is like yoga

Stick to it and you'll get results

To make yourself stronger






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