What is air yoga? Why practice yoga in the air?

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Yoga, there must be a lot of people think that they know a lot, but yoga pose so many, how can you learn so quickly?So, a good yoga pose tells you, and the name of this group of yoga is different from the traditional yoga, called air yoga.


What is Aerial Yoga? Combine traditional yoga posture with the help of silk rope. The main thing is to hang a rope at a distance of three meters above the ground, and you are not recommended to do air yoga in your home. Air yoga in the gym is more professional. Don't be afraid. The rope can bear 900 kg.


Air yoga and air yoga describe the same yoga pose, but the name is not the same. For yoga veterans, air yoga brings them fun, but the editor once again reminds beginners not to practice air yoga at once, which may damage their bodies.


Yoga is known to be of great benefit to the body, except that there is still a subtle difference between air yoga and traditional yoga:

Reduce the pressure on the spine 

One of the benefits of air yoga is that it relieves spinal stress and relaxes your spine muscles, without causing spinal injuries when you bend your spine, as traditional yoga does.

Increase your attention

Exercise in the air, yoga, can help you move smoothly, but when you need to focus and be patient, it is possible to position the air yoga body.


Strengthen traction 

One of the biggest differences from traditional yoga is that air yoga is fun, especially when "towing" in air yoga increases arm strength and keeps your shoulders balanced. There is no such exercise in traditional yoga postures, after all, shoulders against the body can also create a certain amount of pressure, which can lead to shoulder muscle imbalance.

Increase flexibility

With the help of a rope, your body can relax, adjust your posture to make it more comfortable, and help you increase your exercise flexibility.


So, through today's explanation, do you understand the difference between air yoga and traditional yoga? If you think you understand the difference in yoga, share it with more people to know about yoga.









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