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What's the hardest part of yoga?

Views:1538     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-13      Origin:Site

What is the hardest posture of yoga? 

The answer may be different for different people.


But what's the hardest step in yoga?

Everybody may have the same answer.

That's persistence.

Stick to the step of stepping on a yoga mat every day


Yoga is hard.

It's not the body shape.

It's persistence.

Because even in a more difficult style,

You can also take it slowly.

And persistence is to be day after day, the end of their lives.


Never look down on a guy who sticks to yoga.

Because persistence requires faith, 

persistence requires courage, 

persistence requires self-discipline.


Yoga doesn't have to be sensational, as long as it's day after day.

It's hard to stick to it, but it's cool to stick to it.

Life is like yoga, and only persistence will have results.

Constant self-motivation to make yourself stronger.


No one can replace the layers you've been through during yoga.

And no one can take away your sweaty health and self-confidence.

Yoga is an invisible savings pot.

As long as you insist that,

every effort you put in will not be in vain.


Yoga never fails everyone who gives it seriously.

Every posture you practice

Every lesson, every penny spent

will be turned into armor to help you resist the erosion of the years.

The yoga you practiced.

It's all hidden in your temperamen

Hiding in the room of your hands and feet


Yoga Practice

How much time do you give him, 

how much "youth" it gives you back

Go to the yoga mat and wish you sweating




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