Why Yoga Isn't Working for You

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You've been practicing yoga for a long time,

Why is your body still so stiff / powerless?

Why are you still too fat or too thin?

Why can't you still stand on your head?

Why is the mood still fluctuating?

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So, it's time to ask yourself these questions. 


Do you practice at least three times a week?

Three times is still not enough,

To be more effective,

You need to practice every day.


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Is there any awareness in every exercise?

Put your emotions outside the yoga classroom in class,

Do each asana with awareness of the body,

Feel every part of your body.

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Do you pay attention to breathing every time you practice?

Instead of worrying about your progress,

Why don't you watch your breath.

Did you hold your breath during practice?

Do you have a long breath?

Did you find a match between breathing and movement?

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Did you bring the practice into your life?

You closed your chest in class,

What about sitting and walking in life?

Did you bring the practice into your life?

It's only an hour in class,

There are 23 hours left after class,

Is the real challenge.

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Do you go to bed early and get up early?

Do you pay attention to eating healthily?

Health is closely related to body exercise, diet and sleep.

If you practice yoga,

But you stay up late or overeat,

The result can be imagined.

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Did you try to meditate?

Practice breathing?


Yoga is not just a pose,

Asana is just one of the eight branches of yoga,

There are other things that need to be practiced,

Such as meditation and breathing.

Through meditation and breathing,

You are able to find more inner peace and awareness.




Are you really doing yoga?







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