Why is Yoga more necessary in winter?

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In winter, getting up again becomes a "century problem". Due to the decrease of temperature, except for the warm quilt, most people would like to go out with their sheets wrapped to reduce outdoor sports. At this time, many people have doubts. It's so cold in winter, and fat is enough to keep out the cold. Do you need to practice yoga?  

Practicing yoga in winter can not only help you warm up, cultivate your body, but also help you improve your immunity and stay away from the flu ...


5 reasons to practice yoga in winter

Practicing yoga in winter can help you effectively relieve stress and improve efficiency

It can help you speed up the blood circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, which has a positive effect on eliminating the fatigue caused by long-term work of the brain, enhancing memory and improving learning efficiency.


Practicing yoga in winter can exercise a strong will that is not afraid of the cold

Practicing yoga in winter can not only create a strong physique, but also cultivate a tenacious will. Most people are unwilling to exercise in the winter, the main reason is that they are inert. The more comfortable the nature of the human being, the better the trouble-free. So if we can stick to yoga in winter, it is the most effective exercise for your will.

Practicing yoga in winter can accelerate blood circulation

Practicing yoga in winter can help improve cold condition of hands and feet, because practicing yoga can very well promote our blood circulation. As the muscles continually contract, the heartbeat speeds up, the breathing deepens, the metabolism is vigorous, and the body's heat will increase.


Practicing yoga in winter can prevent overweight

Winter is easier to gain weight than summer, because winter is the season when people have the least activity. There are more fat in people who don't exercise for a long time. People also appear bloated, have poor resistance to disease, and do not sweat for a long time. At this time, practicing yoga helps stay healthy,  because practicing yoga can burn calories.

Various kinds of forward and backward bending and twisting in yoga, stimulate the glands and regulate endocrine. Enhance the body's ability to generate thermal energy, help us better control appetite and maintain body shape.


When practicing yoga in winter, we should pay attention to the following points

01丨Keep warm 

Especially the people who like morning exercise must wear trousers and long clothes to practice. It's better to close the window and leave a seam for ventilation. When you're in the corpse pose, cover with a blanket. If you are a yoga teacher, you must wear Yoga socks. The yoga hall is usually made of wooded floor, which is easy to catch cold when you step on it.

02丨Adjust your exercises  

To practice yoga in winter, it is recommended not to challenge the difficult asanas that have not been done before. In winter, the body needs to rest and not be excessively tired. The body is not as soft as it is in summer, and if it is not in the right position, it will easily lead to joint injury.


03丨Extended warm-up time 

The weather is cold and the body is relatively stiff. It may be hot when you do Sun worship several times before, but now it is estimated that you need to practice more than 10 times to feel it.

04丨Adjust the practice time  

It is not recommended to practice too early, if possible, it is better after 10 o'clock, 3-5 pm is also a good choice. Don't practice too late, you need to rest at night, especially in winter. If you practice at night, it is recommended to practice soothing stretches such as Yin Yoga.

05丨Joint protection

Joints need special protection. Don't wear a shoulder-length Yoga top or ankle exposed yoga pants. It's better to wear knee pads to provide more protection and support for the knees.


There are many benefits of practicing yoga in winter, but in cold winter, the human body is easy to be stiff, so we cannot rush to do difficult movements. It is necessary to strengthen the warm-up in the early stage and pay attention to keeping warm. 






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