Why morning is the best time for yoga practice?

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There is such a person who gets up at 4 am every day and finishes the day's work before 9:30. He said, "Where does freedom come from? Self-confidence. Self-confidence comes from self-discipline. Self-discipline is the strict control of your time." This person is not someone else, he is Jobs.

The ultimate purpose of yoga is also freedom. Freedom comes from self-confidence, self-discipline comes from self-discipline, self-discipline comes from daily self-practice, self-practice comes from getting up early in the day.

However, choosing to insist on getting up early to practice yoga is like choosing a belief. Daily practice is like a ritual. In this faith, you are your own god. Everything is internal. In the process of this ritual, you talk to your body every day, understand its state, learn to control and obey, and gradually approach the bright and peaceful place near the depth of your heart.

First of all, the spirit will become better


The moment I opened my eyes, a sober day came again. Wake up the quiet body with yoga, inject fresh energy into the body with breathing, embrace the beautiful life with a positive attitude, sincere heart and practical actions, help the body wake up from sleep, and start a vibrant day.

Time will really increase


The feeling of insisting on getting up early is that the available time per day seems to be longer than those who do not get up early, because after practicing yoga, you can do many things and be more efficient. You can go swimming on weekdays, read books and buy dogs to cook on rest days, and then watch your watch. It is less than 9 o'clock.

Everyone else has dark circles, you look radiant


Getting up early for a long time yoga will smooth your metabolism first, your skin will become better, and your dark circles will fade. Also sleep 7 hours a day, you look at those who have not practiced yoga, the old is written on the face ...

Your body is getting better


Often staying up late of course will lose weight, endocrine disorders. Get up early to yoga, exercise well, and travel around the world later!

Appreciate the beauty that others cannot see


At 6 and 8 in the morning, they are completely two worlds. You will see the rising sun, the sun is shining on you, and the sun rising to welcome the rising sun, full of positive energy throughout the day. You can also see how hawkers set up their stalls and heard aunt sanitation singing ...

Relieve anxiety


After yoga, my mental state is full, and the "daytime" time is stretched. I feel that it is 2 hours longer than others. It is not time to catch up with you, but you are directing time. You are not anxious immediately. Work and rest is normal, and when it ’s time to fall, you will fall asleep. Anyway, you can start yoga tomorrow morning.

Effectively improve happiness in life


When you finish yoga, work after breakfast, make lazy cancer by the way, drink coffee and find that colleagues are anxious, and there are winners in life.






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