Yoga Bolster Relaxes Muscles to Make You Thinner!

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Losing weight is a good way, but the correct way to lose weight is very difficult to learn. Sometimes we can use simple yoga tools to achieve good results. Many postures can not be supported by our body, then we can prevent our body, lumbar vertebra injury, etc. with the help of tools, we can also achieve good balance effect. It’s Yoga bolster, which will will let you achieve a good weight loss effect.

So how to use Yoga Bolster to do weight-loss exercises skillfully? Just relax your muscles and follow the strength of the yoga bolster, to make it easy for you to lose weight!


First, place a yoga mat, lie down, lift your legs, put a Yoga Bolster on your neck. Close your eyes and feel it.


Second, put the Yoga Bolster under your shoulder and place your hands around the back of your head.


Third, put the Yoga Bolster down and land your head to the ground.


At this time we sit up, put the Yoga Bolster on our knees, put our hands on the Yoga Bolster, and keep our body perpendicular.


The body is grasped on the ground to the right, with both hands stretching to support the body, the right foot stretching, the hip resting on the Yoga Bolster, bending your knee and putting your left foot in front of the right foot, inhaling, pushing forward with both hands, sliding backward with the strength of the Yoga Bolster, holding on to about 10 breaths.


The body is lying on the ground, places the Yoga Bolster on the thigh position above the knee and press it under the body. Bend your elbows with both hands to support the body, inhale, stretch your body, and then the elbows support the body to move back and forth, the posture lasts about 10 breaths and repeats 10 times.


Place the Yoga Bolster flat on the mat, lie on it, slightly open your legs and bend your knees on the ground. Inhale, raise your fingertips upward, lift up and perpendicular to your body. Last, inhale and move your body to the left and right.






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