Yoga introductory practice, starting from ten simple movements

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Yoga can achieve benefits such as weight loss and body shaping, beauty and skin care, endocrine regulation, improved digestion and absorption, memory enhancement, stress relief, sleep improvement, work efficiency, and adjustment of the human spine. However, many people have gone to the gym several times and bought books and After taking a second look at the course, it was nothing. For various reasons, instead of going high and low, it is better to give yourself a simple start. The yoga practice website shared below has only ten simple "Pose", the original yoga It can also be so simple and easy to learn, which is very suitable for getting started and cultivating interest.


Downward Facing Dog /


Down Dog PoseThe Down Dog Pose is one of the yoga poses. It is a common yoga pose. It has the functions of beautifying the shoulders and lengthening the thighs, which means that the legs can become longer.

Cat Pose /


Cat style whenever Meow Meow wakes up, there will always be a big lazy waist. This action comes from this. It stretches the back and shoulders, improves blood circulation, eliminates soreness and fatigue, stretches the spine, and increases flexibility. about.

Cow Pose /


Cow face pose comes from Hatha yoga pose, which can cure leg cramps, maintain leg muscle elasticity, improve hunchback, and move shoulder joints.

Bridge Pose /


Bridge pose stretches the chest, neck and spine, relieves stress, relaxes nerves, exercises thigh and buttocks muscles, activates the spine, and effectively eliminates back fatigue.

Cobra Pose /


Camel Hatha Yoga poses stretch and strengthen the spine, improve blood circulation, correct hunchback and sagging shoulders, which is very conducive to plasticity

Warrior I Pose /


The warrior style is said to commemorate the strong hero born from Shiva’s hair, stretch the chest, relieve neck fatigue, and have the effect of lifting the hips. In addition, it also exercises the shoulders, back, ankles and knees.

Warrior II /


Warrior II relieves the spasm of calf and thigh muscles, makes the leg muscles more symmetrical and elastic, and at the same time moves the abdominal organs. It has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on flat feet, hair loss, osteoporosis and sciatica.

Chair Pose /


Chair styleRelieve shoulder stiffness and correct leg deformities. It strengthens the ankle bones and at the same time helps to strengthen the heart function and completely stretches the chest. People who often ride horses can do more.

Hero Pose /


Heroic Hatha Yoga pose. Keep your knees together, your feet outstretched, and your hips on top. Suitable for meditation and breathing control. Conducive to the formation of a proper arch degree, and has certain benefits in curing flat feet. It also has a certain healing effect on calcaneal spurs and knee pain caused by gout and rheumatism.

Happy Baby /


Happy baby style strong biceps, effectively relax the sacrum. Effectively exercise the hip coccyx, sacrum and waist. Exercise should be avoided during menstruation or with very severe high blood pressure. The above is all the yoga movements on this website. They are very simple and suitable for beginners. Each movement takes about 20 seconds. With the rest time, the whole set of movements only needs three or four minutes. If you want to practice a few more times, just click "Do it again".







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