Yoga is not just Stretching

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In many people's minds, yoga is stretching.

In fact, stretching is just a manifestation of Yoga - and stretching in yoga is not only the stretching of the body and muscles, but also a kind of spiritual and spiritual relaxation and extension.

Yoga is never so easy to stretch, nor is it so simple. Yoga includes all aspects of the body and mind. Yogi need many years or even their whole life to learn. This road is full of hardships and difficulties...If you still think yoga is just stretching, I can only say: you should not practice yoga!


Besides stretching, what else is Yoga?

Regarding stretching, the biggest misunderstanding of beginners about it is flexibility. In fact, most yoga asanas (except repair and relaxation asanas) require not only flexibility, but also strength, balance, endurance and other physical qualities.

What's more, all the difficult asanas of Yoga need the overall development of physical fitness, which requires not only flexibility, but also strength, endurance, speed and sensitivity. Without any one, it will affect the practice more or less to some extent. In the later stage of yoga, the requirements of strength and other physical quality will be higher than flexibility.


Yoga is more than just stretching

Many people (or do not) practice yoga will tangle in the "hard" and "soft" problems of the body, and a considerable number of people will think that the main purpose of yoga is to make the body more flexible.

In fact, the description of "soft" and "hard" is not very appropriate.

What is mentioned here is actually flexibility: it mainly includes the range of joint movement and muscle stretching state.


Although yoga is not only stretching, but also requires strength and other qualities, many yoga beginners neglect strength practice or do not practice strength at all. Therefore, compared with flexibility, strength becomes a serious injury for Yogi. In fact, yoga is not just stretching.

Only when flexibility and strength coexist can muscles have enough elasticity to support higher-level exercises.

Increasing muscle strength can also improve the body's basic metabolic capacity. People with fast basic metabolism have better blood circulation. Even lying down consumes more calories than others, and the body's fat is less likely to accumulate and block.


More attention should be paid to the injection and application of strength in asanas practice, mainly for the following reason:

Yogi have paid enough attention to flexibility, but strength has never been talked about, which has led to the majority of  people thinking that yoga is powerless, and only rolling iron can build muscle lines. Yoga is powerful!

So Yogi want their yoga practice to be more effective,their bodies to be more healthy, their own practice methods to be more scientific and reasonable, go longer and pay more attention to strength on the path of yoga, so the practice of strength is essential.


In the practice of asana, the following two points should be noticed in the practice of strengthening strength:

In all asana exercises, don't relax your body, including your fingers and toes.If you are in an active state, you should pay more attention to whether your muscles are active in your work. 

The process of practicing yoga is actually the process of talking with the body. There's rarely an exercise that focuses on breathing and inner life as much as yoga. When we start to communicate with the body through Yoga asanas, we also start to realize that the body is talking to us.







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