Yoga practice based on protecting yourself

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Yoga is the safest and healthiest form of fitness, but it can easily cause yoga injuries if it is not practiced properly.

01  Yoga practice must be slow


Breathing drives asanas, breathing makes asanas deeper, asanas make breathing fuller. When the body is stretched with breathing, exercises will be slow and conscious. Such exercises are meaningful and will Brings yoga damage.

02  Master the limits of good health


The purpose of practicing yoga is to strengthen the body, not to perfect the asana, to the extreme, then put the cart before the horse. Yoga postures need to be practiced under the correct and scientific method. The practice must obey the perception of the body and experience the feelings during the practice. If it is what you can do, do not try to go beyond this limit in order to find shortcuts.

Yoga practice can achieve 99 points, do not achieve 98 points, let alone pursue 100 points.

03  The right amount of yoga practice


The perfect yoga practice is that the posture during the exercise is relaxed, able to control his own rhythm, and slightly sweating. After the exercise, the body is slightly tired, but it can be quickly eliminated and the mood is peaceful.

Yoga teachers often say: do what you can with the right practice method, without exceeding the limit, yoga practice is a kind of enjoyment rather than torture, and treat yourself kindly.

If you feel asthma, sweat a lot during exercise, or continue to have muscle aches, weakness, or fatigue after yoga, or insomnia, it is a reminder that your exercise volume has exceeded your body's tolerance, and you must adjust in time.

04  Warming up is really important


Many beginners can easily ignore warm-ups at the beginning, and most yoga injuries are caused by ignoring warm-ups.

Every exercise needs to be warmed up, and yoga is no exception, because the body is strong and weak before exercise, coupled with shortness of breath, it is difficult for the body to sweat. If you start to practice yoga directly at this time, it will be difficult to sweat if the intensity is higher. Once the intensity exceeds the load of the body, it is easy to faint.

However, if you can prepare enough for warm-up before the beginning of yoga practice, through basic stretching or rhythmic posture, you can open up the body's meridians first, and then doing yoga practice will be more effective.

Practicing yoga requires a good consciousness. During the practice, the body and mind are united, and they have a love and soft heart for themselves! Keeping an eye on your body and knowing yourself in practice can prevent injuries and better protect yourself.






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