Yoga practice, how to balance "flexibility" and "strength"

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Yoga practice, how to balance "flexibility" and "strength"

In yoga classes, you'll find that

some people are soft but not powerful 

and some people are stronger but physically stiff.


Do you know?

In yoga,

you can use your softness to increase your strength,

or you can use your strength to make you soft.


That is to say, strength is not enough, flexibility to come together

The beauty of yoga, one of which lies in the association between strength and flexibility

and we need to find the balance in it.

When stretching, remember to relax the muscles you want to stretch

and then use the muscles around them to force

If you turn the other way, that is, the stretch of muscle at the same time force, squeeze;


Other muscles relax, which increases pressure on the ligaments - they are prone to injury.


For example, standing on a leg

when someone helps you, you can lift your leg to your head

It means you're flexible enough 

but not strong enough to keep it in that position.


And it's not about having the power, you have to learn how to distribute it.


Why does flexibility help you boost your strength?


It's important to know that strength is not just about muscle contraction

but about stretching and contraction balance, which is called yin and yang balance.


When you contract the biceps, your triceps will loosen, and when you stretch your arms, your triceps will contract;


Once you've learned how to use your strength and flexibility 

you'll see how closely the two are.


When you comfortably complete the high-difficult style

you will find that you do not really need a lot of strength

This is to master the balance of strength and flexibility

and know how to use both effectively.

It will often be seen that some body styles are introduced to enhance strength

and some can enhance flexibility

but in fact in yoga, the two are always inseparable.


Therefore, in order to do a good job of a body

can not only pay attention to one party and ignore the other side

should be equal treatment.








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