Yoga practice, how to do step by step?

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Practice yoga is a gradual process, not too reluctant to their own body, can not rush to achieve. Before practicing yoga, be sure to remember the following reminders.


1. understanding

Must understand the main points and precautions of each style, then start to do.


2. The right breath

It is best to breathe with your nose, not your mouth, unless special practice is required.


3. Eye focus

With the exception of a few special exercises, there is no special requirement for the eye to feel natural.


4. Basic Style

Straight back. Any posture practice, must not push, pull, can not reluctantly, not to use the reaction force. Each action should be slow, step by step, not busy or fast.


5. Correctness

To be right is to stretch or twist to your limits, not to a certain extent as a yoga teacher. Yoga practice is more advanced, as long as the continuous development of their own limits, the original thought that it is impossible to do the posture will do.



Focus on how each movement feels about the body. Each step of the action must be clear, the body to maintain relaxation, consciousness to wake up clearly.


7.Rest break

Especially in the initial study, it is inevitable to produce tension, cramps, even spasms, sore feelings, stop massage can, psychological tension. Imagine, long-term unexercised organs suddenly began to exercise, need to adapt.


8. Emergency management

When doing an action, suddenly hear someone call you or any other sudden situation, beginners should pay special attention to the need to cultivate the first reaction is: slow. Slowly return to normal posture and deal with things. This, as you practice yoga for longer, you will find that this ability will continue to enhance, any time you encounter problems, will be calm face. This is one of the contributions of yoga. 






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