You want a nice leg? Practice these four kinds of yoga more

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       Many girls worry about themselves, obviously legs are not very fat, but wear pants or show their legs, always feel not very good-looking, as if there is something wrong. In fact, the legs do not look good, the most important thing is because of the leg shape problem.

Leg shape is not straight enough, not thin enough, not beautiful enough, most of them are related to the usual walking posture or incorrect sitting posture, leg type is not good-looking? Practice the following four yoga poses, master skills, make your legs more stylish.


Anti-warrior style, a soft, rigid pose, both for hip opening and thin leg shaping, and is also a good way to practice balance.In practice, the right hand moves up the left hand, the right hand grips the right lower leg, the left hand extends in the left ear direction, the left foot follows the lifting, the lower leg is kept perpendicular to the ankle, the inner side of the right foot is compacted to the ground, the extension of the left leg is maintained, the hip is pushed forward, and the stretching of the crotch and the leg is felt.


The style of the tiger type is not only beneficial to the deep opening of the hip, but also the maximum stretching of the leg, so as to achieve the purpose of the thin leg and the long leg type.One leg knelt on the ground, and only the toes touched the ground, and the rest were suspended. The other leg is raised upward, the thigh part is perpendicular to the ground, and the calf is 90 degrees angle. The upper half of the body is forward, and one palm is raised above the top of the head to hold the tip of the rising leg.


Yoga split leg V shape, practice this pose can not only open hip, open leg flexibility, but also exercise leg muscle to eliminate excess thigh fat, shape a slender leg type.In practice, sit on the cushion, keep the legs together, straighten the legs forward, inhale, pull the knees towards the body, and the index finger of both hands respectively hold the thumb of the two feet, pull the legs up, straighten the waist and back, erect the chest, and exhale, The two legs stretch apart from the left and right on the left and right, respectively, until they feel the same distance.


Yoga biangle, beginners practice this pose can be practiced with the help of railings or things that can help. In addition to standing balance, pose exercises can also stretch the legs, abdomen and shoulder back, thus reducing excess fat, beautifying leg lines, thus shaping a slender leg shape.


The leg type doesn't look good. It doesn't matter. As long as you have a constant heart, stick to the yoga body every day. Both the thin leg and the long leg type, the long and fine legs can be obtained through the hard work, you want to be beautiful, you can practice it.










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