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  • 2022-01-24

    Yoga as a healing practice

    From doing to feelingFor me, yoga is an awareness practice. When I practise yoga, I take a moment to consciously shift from a thinking state into a feeling state, shifting my awareness from my head into my heart. This action itself puts me in touch with presence, the source of life. As soon as you a

  • 2022-01-23

    Is Yoga Strength Training?

    There seems to be a common misperception that yoga asana (the physical practice of yoga) is all about stretching and finding your calm. However, many different styles of yoga and poses can help you build strength, too.Yet, is yoga considered strength training? It can be. Camille Moses-Allen, a Balti

  • 2022-01-23

    What to do when you have a stiff neck

    If your neck is giving you trouble of late, do not entirely blame it on the winter season. You may have a stiff neck due to posture issues - forgetting to do mandatory neck stretches while working, sleeping in a wrong position or because of those long work calls. Even excessive stress can lead to st

  • 2022-01-23

    How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

    There are lots of benefits when it comes to yoga; it's a fantastic practice for both mental and physical health – a quick session can even work wonders when it comes to helping to stop period pain, as well as keeping your body flexible.While it can be a challenge to keep yoga up regularly, and conto

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